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05-07-07 Ponytail in Myymala2
Live audio visual performances in Myymala2 gallery.
More info here

26.05.07 - Swaeg three years in Tampere
In Tampere Klubi. will peform Kurvin Grilli+TN Visuals,

19-20.05.07 - Shops in Myymala2
Sunnuntai becomes longer so it is now over
the full weekend. Visit to enjoy fresh product straight from sea of creativity.
Pieniviikonloppu, small independent makers market, at gallery Myymala2.

01.04.07 - Projection opening
FRAME artist of the month, Axel Straschnoy presents Projection,
the S8mm movies shot during Camera session time in Maatila. enjoy!

21.04.2007 Live ponytail in Vadelma
Vadelma invites A.Borislov, Pasilan Savut and Ponytail
to perform live in center of Helsinki.
4e entrance, show start after 22h.

31.03.2007 KURSK in Factory
In the well known Factory, KURSK and Tuulanauhat
release new TN015 C-60 tape "Jäykkää, harmaata lihaa".
4e entrance, show start after 21h.

21.02.2007 Ponytail live
Live Audiovisual performance by Ponytail and TN video in Vanha Bar.
Free entrance, show start after 21h.

04-16.01.2007 Camera
Dark room and a Super8mm camera shooting frames from objective to window.
Argentian and Helsinki based Axel Straschnoy presents his work in Maatila.
Electronic managed by TN labs.
photos from the show here

16.11-3.12.2006 CINECITY
Visual Waves screened in the brighton shortfilm festival
as part to Avanto selection.
details here.

Curated by Ian Helliwell, Avantoscope selects Visual Waves.
Video screened in Kiasma theatre on saturday at 16h30.
Avantoscope details here.

01.11.2006 Ponytail LIVE
For FAUNA live music performance in Waiski boat in
Hakaniemi.Ponytail record Löllö Timanti

27.10.2006 Visual Waves at .net
Animatricks Helsinki Animation festival selects electronically
animated TN video Visual Waves.
Events at Dubronick, Andorra and Gloria.

26.08.2006 Ponytail LIVE & guests
Outside Happyhoune, at töölölahti open air music,
Ponytail, kasper and Alexi performed an electronic music set.

22.07.2006 Action in Potlatch
in 2001 Potlach was first "Gym in the box" happening,
in 2006 Ponytail release TN014 CD "Timanti Löllö" and
perform Audio and Visual live in Kirja ravintola.

28.04.2006 Dubbing Mixers Live in Paris
Organised by pixelache and project-101,
Dubbing mixers goes to perform live music and video.
Gallery Myymala2 will present there on saturday
various related video works.
here is the program info

21.04.2006 Dubbing Mixers Live in St Petesbourg at SKIF
SKIF, Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival,
is a multidisciplinary international festival of modern arts,
taking place each year since 1998 in St.Petersburg, Russia.
here is the program

07.04.2006 Visual waves at Alkovi
TN video presents Visual waves experimental video
at gallery Alkovi -Helsinginkatu 19- for three weeks.
more info here

01.03.2006 Dubbing Mixers Live
Visual and Music play live at gallery Maatila,
event in the evening organised by Vaadelma.
Maatila is located at Albertinkatu 19.

25.01.2006 Live in Lahti
Ponytail Playback performs live music and visual,
event organised by happy end at Torvi bar.

11.12.2005 Pieni sunnuntai
Before Christmas Gallery Myymala2 organise
small publishing market where to find good presents.
Enjoy coffee, pulla and good products same time!

23.11.2005 Sport Remix
Gym in the box made a remix for King Nosmo
CD "Sports" Remix is released at Kirja.
Join the party to practise Gym sports while
listening to Gym in the box sports remix reading books.

16.09.2005 Russian short movies
Tuulanauhat produced two soundtracks for
short movies "Kosmos" and "Water".
both directed by Elena Klochko and Vincent Deyveaux in Moscow.

29-30.07.2005 Swag show
Tuulanauhat artists go to perform live
in swag parties in tampere.
more info about other performers here

07.08.2005 Pieni sunnuntai at Myymala2
Publishing market organised by Kaino-kustanne
in gallery Myymala2, Uudenmaankatu 23A downstairs.
Comics, records and good products.

Styge Recordings Release Party

At Liberte- Kolmas Linja 34, Helsinki- Styge release a record
and play music. There will be:
Kaliyuga Pro. "Mystic Perspectives"
Special Guest: DJ Werd, (San Jose/Berlin)
Forbidden Forest (live),DJs Antti Szurawitzki,Didier and Blah

Lux shop opens

At Uudenmaankatu 26
opens Lux-shop, lets have a look there.

TN VIDEOS at Raina Club

At Korjaamo Screens and Stair case
will be presented.

12.03.2005 Dadao trio at Hälläpyörä
Dadao trio performs in Hämeenlinna
Hälläpyörä for  Ämy-klubi.
Dadao trio tape TN009 is still available.

01.03.2005 TN011 in TRAX
"Earkus/Ponytail" 12" reviewed in France by TRAX.

18.02.2005 Aie Aie Aie Radio Campus
Special Tuulanauahat radio show
on Radio Campus in France at 21h (in Finland).
Interview and TN tracks for one hour.
Listen to radio campus on the net here
Thank to chica-chic team.

Rakastan yllätyksiä

Jenni Rope present her work at galley Myymala2.
Jenni Ropen Taudinkuva -maalaukset
ja uusimmat animaatiot on

nyt koottu omaksi näyttelykseen.

02.02.2005 F**k John
Record labels go to
the Factory at Hakaniemi.
Starting from 18h to the evening, visit
is worth coming!
And good live performances meanwhile.

20.01.2005 PIZZA EP
King Nosmo releases 
Pizza ep, let your player eat it!

Tuulanauhat is proudly distributed by chica-chic
team in France and over the internet.

17.01.2005 Half A Map
Dubbing mixers selected by Half a Map radio broadcast
London radio resonance fm.

10.01.2005 New pressing
Tuulanauhat releases new pressing of sold out records.
Order in new packing:

TN002 "Cheapest Medicine" tape,
TN004 "Siella missa on suunta" tape,
TN006 "Whte felt" CD.

20.12.2004 Half A Map
Dubbing mixers review at London radio resonance fm.
This monday at 01h30 on the stream here
or on the radio at 104.4 FM in London.

18.-21.11.2004 Screens at AVANTO Festival.
Tuulanauhat video Screens presented at Avantoscope.
More info about the festival and performances at Avanto 2004.
Alec Empire lecture saturday 11am at Kiasma then and live at Gloria.

05-06-07.11.2004 Flirting Finland
Live music and S8mm video Dubbing Mixers, saturday 7pm,
and Abflug will perfom live with electronic musicians from sweden;
Erik Bünger Ensemble,Hans Appelquist, 8Tunnel2 and Lukas Nystrand.
Event at Myymala2 in association with Büro21.

04.11.2004 Earkus released "Bank EP" on miasmah.
Markus releases Bank on Miasmah .
Find mp3 Mia057 - Earkus / BANK EP

09.2004 Mix of the week
#245: Good Night
Download the mix of the week
and listen to Dubbing Mixers: Darling For Patients taken from TN010.
"Ambient and downtempo in this mix." - Pirkka

18-19.9.2004 Helsinki Comics Festival
Comics in Helsinki centre,
and plenty of other good events listed here.
Website in finnish.

Already organised four times, pieni sunnuntai is back.
In gallery Myymala2, independent publications market.
Organised this time by Pysselklubben.
Free entrance.

08.08.04 pHinWeb Chart
Dubbing mixers 7" Muutoautomusa -TN010.- is in the charts.

09-10.07.2004 Leppäkosken Rytmi 2004
Organised for the 4th time, and still by the river,
two days of bands playing punk, electonic music,
reaggae, hip hop.
Good line up for good time.

16.06.2004 Markus releases:
Two tracks on Miasmah compilation with Merck.
Available in gallery Myymälä2.
And a Mix done with two tape decks and TN mix table.
36 minutes to be downloaded here .

29.05.04 Leppäkosken Rytmin VT-juhlat
Live-äänite 2003 julki klo 1900.
VisiT VT to support your summer festival.
Dadao trio, Jellyroll rockers union
and Trio Tetris will play there.
Ticket 5 euros.

07.05.2004 phinnweb.com becomes phinnweb.org

05.05.04 AJ-Group
Tuulanauhat website officially hosted
by AJ-Group after unofficiall hosting
by Alain.

16.04.04 Super8 show
Super8 collective present their work for one month
in gallery Myymala2.

02.04.04 Tampere biennale
Dubbing mixers goes to Tampere to perform music and video live.
Event at elektroniklubi.
More info for the full week

21.03.04 Pieni sunnuntai
Publishing market organised for the fourth time
in gallery Myymala2, Uudenmaankatu 23A downstairs.
Comics, records and good products.
This time organised by Lal Lal Lal records.

23.02.04 Paperbiscuits
Paperbiscuits publication releases
its first book Blamestorming.

14.02.04 Screens opening
Tuulanauhat presents its new short movie
in myymälä². Opening the 14th february at 20H.
Screens information

05.12.03 myymälä² opens a shop!
myymälä² avaa kaupan!
Kauppa² is platform to bring new products into the market place.
Myös King Nosmon valokuvia,
photographies by King Nosmo on display.
Welcome to Uudenmaankatu 23A downstairs, Helsinki.

22.11.03 Avanto 2003
Dubbing mixers live performance.
More information on AVANTO website about venues,
musics and screenings performances.
Dubbing Mixers release "Bam Boo Shields" on AVANTO CD.

13.11.03 Live at Galleri21
From Helsinki, Dubbing mixers goes to Büro21
to perfom live music video in Malmö.

09.11.03 Pieni sunnuntai
Publishing market organised for the third time
in gallery Myymala2, Uudenmaankatu 23A downstairs.
Comics, records and good products.
After Napa then Tuulanauhat,
this pieni sunnuntai was organised by Murmur Recordings.

04.11.03 Comics / Cassette dispenser
After many years of happy living in Mbar,
the comic dispenser finds a new product to sell.
Dubbing mixers tapes are available there now,
thanks to Jenni Rope.

18th Helsinki comics festival.Free entrance.
Saturday and sunday at Yrjönkatu 31 in Aktia Hall.
Dupuy & Berberian introduce Monsieur Jean in Finland.

26.09.03 NAPA at Mbar
NAPA-JUHLA Per 26.9 klo 20-02 Mbar, Lasipalatsi,Hki
Napa 05 sekä Jenni Ropen ja Kati Rapian uudet kirjat julkaistaan!
TURBOII and King Nosmo DeeJiit.
Napa artists present new books while live music is performed.
Buy the book and have beer with friends in the same time.

4/5.07.03 Leppakosken rytmi
Onko se hyva festari?
Is it a good festival?
Wide range of different kind of good bands
for two days at Leppakoski so close to the beach that you can swim while listening.

18.06.03 to Rebornluxury by PUSIPUSI In gallery Myymala2
Tram 8 to the door
10 tuulanauhat T shirts for girls will experience PUSIPUSI senses of
desire and functionality.
Get there to see the girls working hard while enjoying coffee.
REBORNLUXURY is an art/design project by Maija Luutonen and Frida Hultcrantz.
more info about PUSI Cassette T shirt

01.06.03 Pieni sunnuntai
Small publishing market dedicated for independent record labels.
Held in gallery Myymala2 (Mechelinkatu 12 Helsinki),
will present music and other products from the following:
Napa comics ,
Lal Lal Lal records,
Hindupyöräilijä comics,
Fonal records,
Murmur recordings
and Tuulanauhat.
The market will be open from 11am to 8pm. Coffee and pullas will be served while listening to music.
Free entrance.

26.04.03 Mix of the week
#210: Ubiquitous Symptom
Download the mix of the week
and listen to Dubbing Mixers: Ruudinkeksijä taken from TN004.
73 minutes of electro hip hop reagge.

20.04.03 Chocolate airlines
Chocolate airlines is a great data base of record labels.
You are welcome to mail chocolate airlines if you know some labels not yet
listed. You can also find some plelists.

17.4.03 Grayframe weekend
Grayframe DJs collective organises a club in Alahuone,
Lackluster and Dubbing Mixers (+S8mm support) played live.
Antti brings his digital imagery.

28.02.03 miasmah
Markus released "A couple of songs EP" on miasmah.
Download the EP from ftp now

03.03.03 pHinWeb Chart March
Dubbing mixers CD Valkoin huopa -TN006- is in the charts.
Whte Felt in english .

02.03.03 Pieni Sunnuntai at Myymala2 klo 10-18
Mechelinkatu 12-14 Helsinki,
Records and comics (and other goodies) in the perfect coffeeplace
for videoshow and sundaymusic.
Including Napa, Asema,
Lal lal lal records and Tuulanauhat.
Just come to have a look.

01.03.03 Huuto gallery klo 18-21
At Huutoklubi,Dubbing mixers and Sefahat performed live.

01.01.03 pHinnWeb's Best of 2002
(in alpHabetical order) TN003 Gym in the box 7" .

23.12.2002 ALIGRE FM 93.1 PARIS
Gym in the box and Dubbing Mixers played at the radio, Paris.

03.12.02 Tuulanauhat Pikkujoulu at Dotcoma
DJ Akrof and DJ Antoine played then
Tuulanauhat video projection for about half hour.

05.10.02 Noscene at Telakka
Good gigg with DJ Phinn, Toiminto, U.S.O, Dubbing mixers -with Karri, Hena and DJ Akrof-
Puola and Nathan played in Tampere.

20.07.02 Leppakosken Rymti #2
Dubbing Mixers played live

23.05.02 Phono Club
In Tampere, Gym in the box performed live in Yo Talo

20.05.02 Dotcoma Club in Saunabar
review and photos of Dubbing Mixers gig
Pixelache website -check the good photo section-.

29.03.02 Noscene Club
The gigg that never happpened

02.02.02 Aura gallery
Exhibition of drawnings, photos and S8mm projections.

07.07.01 Leppakosken Rytmi #1
Gym in the box played live

27.05.01 Oranssi gigg
Gym in the box s first gigg

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