Dubbing Mixers

Started in 2002, Dubbing Mixers consists of three players producing music and video. Dubbing Mixers has released three albums and an EP. The band works on audiovisual rhythmic collage, by mixing, projecting and playing materials from film and tape. Sequence arrangements are composed using samples of collected and produced material. Experimenting on rhytmic structures to form new pieces. The ready pieces are released and performed on recordings and live. Recorded music rely on programmed bits and melodies that are produced and played on various tapeplayers, samplers, mixing consoles and selfbuilt equipment. Looping, scratching and signal routing are keywords for experimental composition tecniques. Taking inspiration and sounds from all types of music to outcome a blurred mix of hiphop be-bop-electronics. Live performances are based on more improvised approach and are supported by TN-video visuals. Visuals consist of Super8mm scenes and short movies, screened on Television set up by two projectors. One controlled to play loops, the other plays a programation of scenes. The footages are shot in Tuulanauhat studio or outside by Dubbing Mixers. Using straching and printing techniques, selected scenes are manipulated. In the studio, effort is put on editing to correspond live with the music.


Bookings and info. e-mail: info@tuulanauhat.com phone: +358-50-3365832


Siellä missä on suunta, 1999-2002, TN004 Kelailen kaikkea EP, 2002, TN005 Whte Felt / Valkoin huopa, 2002, TN006 Muuttoautomusaa, 2003, TN008 Muuttoautomusaa EP, 2004, TN010 "Bam Boo Shields" on Avantoscore 2003 comp. "Around again" soundtrack.


Avanto practice session, 2003 Live at Grayframe, 2003 Pictures Malmo 03: 1 2 3 4 Pictures Avanto 03: 1 2


04-2006 Mal au pixel in Paris 04-2006 Mal SKIF festival in St Petersbourg 5-06-07.11.2004 Flirting Finland Dubbing Mixers perfomed live with: Erik Bünger Ensemble,Hans Appelquist, 8Tunnel2 and Lukas Nystrand. Event at Myymala2 in association with Büro21. 02.04.04 Tampere biennale Dubbing mixers goes to Tampere to perform music and video live. Event at elektroniklubi. 12.06.2004 the lounge lizard social club, helsinki. 22.11.03 Avanto 2003 Dubbing mixers live performance. 13.11.03 Live at Galleri21 From Helsinki, Dubbing mixers goes to Büro21 to perfom live music video in Malmö. 17.4.03 Grayframe weekend Grayframe collective organises a club in Alahuone, Helsinki. Lackluster and Dubbing Mixers. 05.10.02 Noscene at Telakka Excellent gigg with DJ Phinn, Toiminto,U.S.O, Dubbing mixers live with with Karri, Hena and DJ Akrof. Puola and Nathan played in Tampere. 20.7.02 Leppakosken Rymti #2 20.05.02 Dotcoma Club in Saunabar First time Dubbing Mixers performance. TN visuals assisted by Nicolas schevin. 29.03.02 Irmeli, Tampere (Canceled Noscene gig)