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TN Video

Presentation Tuulanauhat video, short TN-video is a group of three people, two finns and a french. Active since 2001, the group has been producing shortmovies and live visuals. First experimenting with VCR and electronic equipment, TN-video is now concentrating on filming and working with projections. S8mm setup live Description: Visuals consist of Super8mm scenes and short movies, screened on Television set up by two projectors. One controlled to play loops, the other plays a programation of scenes. The footages are shot in Tuulanauhat studio or outside by Dubbing Mixers.Using straching and printing techniques, selected scenes are manipulated. In the studio, effort is put on editing to correspond live with the music. Electronic video setup live Description: Visuals are performed with frequency oscillators,noise generator and processed video signals mixed to generate moving image on a TV-screen. The TV-screen is shot with MiniDV camera then projected by dataprojector.The result is a combination of steady and flickery images in black, blue and white colours. Electronic video visuals have been performed at Gallery Huuto, Galleri21, Malmo Sweden and Tampere biennale.


Bookings and info. e-mail: info@tuulanauhat.com phone: +358-50-3365832

Short movies released

No copyrights, no fights, 2001, 4 min. 32 sec. Musicvideo for a song from a 7" EP performed by electronic band Gym In The Box. Video is a student work shot in MiniDV. The video was made in one night and tells an ironic story of music pirates obsessed for copying and trying to sell someone else work. Around again, 2002, 4 min 30 sec. Shot in south of France during the summer 2002 in S8mm. The movie was edited in S8mm and then as digital video on computer. Scenes respect chronological order over a day and are accompanied by original sounds and music. The movie is based on a round shape and cyclic movement. Images are both stopmotion animated and fullmotion. more info here. download video Around again Screens, 2004, 3 min 3 sec. Shortmovie and video installation. Premiere and exhibition at Gallery Myymälä2. Granted by AVEK. more info here. download video Cd Screens. download video Cd Screens footages.