Tuulanauhat video
 "Screens" 3 min 3 sec

 An expererimentation based on visual loops on three screens.


 The project is based on work on visual loops and three screens.
 The loops, providing repetitive visual theme (Sky and plane 
 footage), are projected on three layers of screens. The concept
 of the three screens consist of two parts. First, the two external
 layers crop and cut the two footage loops. Then, on the middle
 screen appears the result of crop/cut images as mixed together.
 Changing the angle of view modifies the vision of the three
 pictures on the screens.

 On the middle screen we have the two images combined. This is
 the main concentration  and the most achieved part of the
 project. The pictures cut on the external layers complete
 the view of the screens. In addition the use of transparent
 paper provides more dimension in the scene.

 The soundtrack is realised by Lassi Nikko.


 1. Setup

 In the set up we use two Super 8mm projectors. The projectors
 are facing each other. In between stand the three screens on
 which the loops are projected. The setup consists of three
 layers of calque paper. Calque paper allows us to see the 
 pictures on both sides. On the external layers we cut a window
 so that part of the images will project through the layer and
 reach the middle screen. The other part remains.

 2. The two footages
 We used two loops: windmills shot in Denmark and view from
 plane / landing shot between  France and Finland. In
 windmills, the rotating motion of the propel supports the
 concept of loops used with  projectors. Sky&plane footage
 is a scene shot through the plane window. The scene includes
 the clouds passing by, the wing, the landscape and the landing.

 3. Result

 Once combined the two footage share the same sky theme and the
 fresh blue colours. In the  windmill footage the sky and the
 rotating propel are shot from fixed angle while in the
 Sky&plane view the camera is travelling. Landing part supports
 the windmills propeller with  the same rotating movement in
 the horizon. The achievements on the combined image are as
 technical as visual. The combined images do not contain fixed plot. 

 Still pictures 1 / 2 / 3

 4. Editing

 The S8mm-films where transfered to digibeta-format in Yle using
 DaVinci-console. Then  digibeta was converted to DV. The editing
 was done in association with Nicolas Schevin. Using computer, we
 respect strict rules for editing. We only cut off scenes from the
 raw  material and rearrange them to compose the final video. 

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