Gym in the box
 Cheapest medecine

 A side
 1 I need scientist to be my mentist
 2 one song from my burned CD
 3 Kung po wolf
 4 I wont go to school
 5 Motorway
 6 Oranssi guy
 7 For the sad moments

 B side
 1 1-2-3 Swamp
 2 Pokerface
 3 Motorway to whattahell
 4 Luis Armstrong
 5 Try the snake ride
 6 The day I made 15 songs
 7 Sing in the prison


"Cheapest Medicine" is the second C-cassette released by Tuulanauhat and Gym in the box.

In the first edition, the boxes and tapes were
only available in red, orange or yellow colors.

The blue C-cassette picture on the cover has
been obtained by scanning straight the blue object.

All tracks performed live in Helsinki

New pressing in january 2005.

Order the record from us
or in the shops

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