TN003 7" (200 copies)

 Side 1 (label)
 More then jazz 8:15
 Side 2 (label)
 Smuth like jazz 3:53
 No copyrights No fights 4:18
 Performed live in Helsinki.

 Cover and labels collaged by Simon from the drawnings of Samuli. 
 front cover / back cover / front cover with yellow insert / back cover with yellow insert
 Poster (Photocopy) 

 Music video for "No copyrights no fights" is realised by Gregoire Rousseau
 Markus Koistinen and Samuli Tanner.

 Available from us and in Helsinki shops 
 Distributed in France by Chica-Chic.com

 Dates and facts related to the record: 
 01.01.03 pHinnWeb's Best of 2002 
 Gym in the box 7" among the best of 2002. 

 23.12.2002 ALIGRE FM 93.1
 Gym in the box 7" played at the radio in Paris. 

 01.10.02 pHinnWeb's chart 
 Gym in the box is in the charts.

 21.03.02 Avaruusromua 
 Jukko Mikkola played No Copyright No Fight at the radio.

 to the video:
 22.09.2003 Auburn International Film and Video Festival
 Entry and selection at the 6th Auburn film festival.

 03.12.02 Sauna Bar
 TN Video shows No copyrights No fights.

 2003 Cinevideoscuola
 Video selected by the italian festival Cinevideoscuola.

 07.09.02 MediaFestival 
 No copyrights No fights video is shown in Makasiini-Helsinki. 

 30.08.02 Unikankare 
 No copyrights no fights video is shown in Turku.