TN007 CD (limited to 40 copies)
 Ponytail: "Didn't manage"
 Markus: "A Couple Songs"

 Available from us, The Funkiest and Lifesaver for 5 euro

 Two hiphop-collages compiled by Ponytail and Markus.

 Ponytail describes his set:
 "First 0.5min acc.intro then 1.5min of looping beat
 and then 3min just some other beat and melody over
 it then comes another beat with some guitar solos
 it lasts for 1.5min after it comes slow song which
 is 3min after it 2min of just some looping warm
 sounds with no beat at all then comes 1min of beat
 again with some other sounds and after that bit less
 than 2min of some beat with saxophone and then few
 error sounds and then comes the last beat which ends

 Full playing time for "Didn't manage" 15min 37sec.

 Markus sticks to timecode facts:
 00:00 Couplet 00:51 The Same 04:58 Countless Pair
 07:13 Digthinking 10:33 Sinkbeat 12:10 D-O Double-G

 On "A Couple Songs" you will hear samples from:
 Greg Osby, Gumbo, Das Efx, Parchde, Digable Planets,
 Snoop Dogg, and others. 

 Full playing time for "A Couple Songs" 14min 38sec.
 "A Couple Songs" available also at www.miasmah.com

 "Flip the cover"-cover pictures designed by Erik
 Skodvin (Markus side) and Ponytail himself for himself.

 CD printed, burned and packed in a Tuulanauhat place.