TN008 C-90 Cassette
 Dubbing Mixers: "Muuttoautomusaa"

 Muuttoautomusaa ("Moveoutcarmusic") is an
 instrumental album. Final mixing for all
 tracks was done in three evenings while

 38 tracks of beats and solos cover the full 
 C-90 tape. Music is programmed and played
 during 2002-2003. 

 Printing, sticking and packing made in
 Tuulanauhat place.

 Printwork for TN008 is managed by markus.
 (All photocopy quality)
 Cover - A-Side - B-Side - Tracklist sticker
 Sticker - Poster - Four photographs for the poster

 Link to the related poster.
 Link to the related 7" vinyl TN010.



 Dates and facts

 Tape is on the Phinnweb  July/August'03
 chart by Unidentified sound objects.

 Tape is on the Phinnweb  August/September'03
 chart by Phinn.

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