TN009 Split tape

 Dadao Trio: "Progressive Blues Traveller"

 "Progressive Blues Traveller" is 5 songs and 1 instrumental.
 Dadao Trio perform acoustic funkrock with drums, acoustic bass
 and acoustic guitar.

 Juha Sarkkola, acoustic guitars, melodica
 Ukri Kokkonen, acoustic bass
 Juha Tiainen, rummut

 Recorded and mixed by Samuli Tanner.   
 Mastered by t.

 Listen to:
 Messing Around MP3, 3,1mb 
 Fruit MP3, 3,5mb

 For booking Dadao Trio contact:
 +358-44-3737114 / Ukri
 Or rytmiukri(at)hotmail(dot)com

 Ponytail: "Musa Numero 2"

 Musa numero 2 is ponytails second hiphopcollage.
 It is titled "musa suihke"(spray of music).
 Samuli, beats, guitars, samples and everything
 Markus, tape scratching


 Cover, tapelabels and flyer by Pony.

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