Dubbing Mixers: "Muuttoautomusaa"
 33rpm stereo 7", 7 tracks minialbum 

 Sold out tape TN008 re-released as a selection of tracks on 7".
 Tracks are mastered from the original full quality versions.
 A side starts with the actual outro of the original tape A side,
 follows four short beats with sax samples and synht melodies. 
 On B side, an organchord based broken beat track is followed by
 a track with screaming synth solo over beat all very noisy.
 side a
 soolo ja tausta 2
 darling for patients
 party with nobody

 side b
 soolo ja tausta 4

 Cover / Labels
 Flyers / Poster

 Photographies and graphics by markus.

 See the page for TN008 C-90 cassette / A1-size poster 
 Order it from us for 5 euro
 Or get it in Funkiest, Myymälä2, Dis'n'Dat, Lifesaver, Digelius, Voltti (TRE)

 Distributed in France by Chica-Chic.com

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