Earkus: Bank
 Ponytail: Cold knobs
 33rpm stereo 12", two Ep's split

  A cold basement made ponytail to realise his 3rd Ep "Cold knobs".
 The drummer-guitarist-vocalist-sample--producer presents 5tracks.
 Variety of drum-samples are beated together with sample loops and
 basslines. 707 drum machine folk song ends the record.

 Bank is a a dozen short lofi cuts mix. Curtis Mayfield live
 performance are combined with synthbass. Donna Summer is
 scratched over the face of Donna Summer. Bobby McFerrin has his
 short moment as a beat. Samples are expressed in shuffled rhythm.
 Programmed in Buzz tracker, mixed and scratched from two Philips
 D6350 tapeplayers using TN labs mutebox. Synth sounds performed
 on Crumar synthesizer and TN labs Acidbox.

 Bank originally released at www.miasmah.com

 Bank GFX by Erik Skodvin
 Cold knobs photos by Ponytail
 GFX management by Markus 
 Cover A-label B-label  

 Order it from us for 12 euro (includes posting)
 Or buy it in Funkiest, Myymälä2, Dis'n'Dat, Lifesaver, Voltti (TRE)

 Distributed in France by Chica-Chic.com

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<>"Experimental lofi hiphop madman markus (now earkus) brings
 another collage EP for the miasmah audience. It got scratches,
 clapping, fucked up sampleediting, unusual rythm structures
 and more. Markus continues the recipt from his last ep "a couple of songs",
 released last year at miasmah."

 "On this brand new split Tuulanauhat LP, Earkus and Ponytail,

 members of Dubbing Mixers and Gym in the box, present their
 own stuff. 'Bank' is a suite of short lo-fi tracks, downtempo
 jazzy hip-hop collages made out from tapes and a mixer specially
 created by Tn Labs. These tracks, previously released by the
 netlabel Miasmah,are for the first time available on vinyl.
 On the other side, with 'Cold Knobs', Ponytail seems to look
 (like Earkus) in Odd Nosdam's beautifull "Plan 9, Meat Your Hypnotis"
 direction (an album originaly recorded on tapes), for a more
 steady and clear result than 'Bank', ornamented with couple of nu
 folk catchy tunes.
 Fans of Anticon, Mush, and Merck's electro hip-hop releases
 should definitely investigate."

"A self-made mixer, two tape players and a good pile of samples..."
Complete article here
TRAX, french magazine march 2005.

Phinnweb chart
Record selected by Phinnweb in March 2005 chart.