''Visual waves" by TN Video 2006

Audio waves shaped as visual media


Project exhibited in Gallery Alkovi from 07.04.2006 to 30.04.2006.


Exhibition in Alkovi gallery documents the making of experimental short movie "Visual waves". In three parts, it respects the order followed during the recording process.

First, the sound is generated from the frequency generator and tape player. Then, audio signal is processed by TN LAB equipment to be converted into PAL video signal.

The final outcome is displayed on TV screen. From simple sine wave to complex polyphonic melody, the video displays audio waves shaped as visual media.

Visual Waves in Alkovi Pictures



Project presentation in english pdf or doc format


Presentation du projet en francais pdf ou doc.



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Screen shot visual waves :


        720*576                               720*576                            720*576



Processor board:


         1888*1164                           2544*1696




DVD artwork in pdf cover and label.


"Visual waves" electronic has been fully designed/built by Tuulanauhat LAB.


TN LAB open hardware electronic schematics: analogue to digital board.

                                                                     microprocessor board.

                                                                     video out board.



''Visual waves'' video in avi format here.

This video file is compressed quality of the original version on DVD.



For more information contact:

gregoire @ tuulanauhat.com