Tuulanauhat video:
 A Round Again (Moon holiday)

Summer 2002.
Video lenght:4mn 30sec.

Short Movie produced by TN-Video, directed by:
Markus Koistinen, Samuli Tanner and Gregoire Rousseau.
It has been shot in south of France during the summer 2002
in S8mm format only. Most of the editing was made on the S8mm
movies themselves, using editing machines, tapes and plenty of time.
We converted and then worked on the digital (DVcam and computer) 
part of the movie in association Nicolas Schevin. The soundtrack 
(Samuli&Markus) was included during this process. Part of the music 
is actually samples collected during the journey.

The movie tells one day in summer 2002.
The chronogical order respected, we can watch the 
the different moods the boy goes through. First, juggling balls.
Animation and grass background, circle and coulours moving around.
Then everything goes fast, people blinking and spinning in a very 
friendly mood. Time goes as well and the night comes. The moon 
shows up and brings light. In the last part, the boy has to move 
around. A new day is about to start again.

 Download the movie 
Dont forget that Mpeg quality is far from S8mm quality.
Download should last for about 10mn.

contact: info@tuulanauhat.com