''Visual waves" by TN Video 2006

Audio waves shaped as visual media



Project first exhibited in Gallery Alkovi from 07.04.2006 to 30.04.2006.





Visual waves short movie is based on "what you hear is what you see" concept. Sound waves, through TN LAB equipment, will be displayed on the screen in black and white.  From sine wave to polyphonic melody, the video presents audio waves shaped as visual media.


Analogue television video signal consists in synchronization messages and the  displayed information. The synchronization messages, both vertical and horizontal, frame the actual visual signals seen on the TV screen. This frame repeats itself following defined standard known in Europe as PAL.


Synchronization messages must be respected in order to generate any proper video signals. Once the frame created, the visual information can be manipulated. Waves appear on the screen as white on black background. Stable waves can be recognized on the screen, complex waves generate abstract moving black and white square patterns.





TN LAB, Tuulanauhat laboratory in short, designed video equipment to output video signals from analogue input. The equipment designed is both hardware and software. The hardware devices manage three parts. First the analogue sound wave is converted in digital format, this information is then processed in the microprocessor unit, and finally the data is output through the video out unit. The software, written in assembly, is located in the microprocessor memory and its main task is to generate synchronization frames and process the output video signal.


Visual waves video set up consists in the TN LAB devices, Panasonic WJ-AVE5 video mixer, Sony VCR, Salora home television, Panasonic mini-DV MX300, frequency generator and 8 tracks Tascam audio mixer. 





                           Experiment "Visual waves" here




 Info page for files, pictures and video


  Visual Waves in Alkovi Pictures

"Visual waves" has been released as DVD.


''Visual waves” director is Gregoire Rousseau.

“Melody” soundtrack composed by Samuli Tanner.

‘’Visual waves’’ exhibition in Gallery Alkovi from 07.04.2006 to 30.04.2006.

‘’Visual waves‘’ Flash animation produced by AJ-Group.

DVD artwork by Simon Nograbat.

Photographies with Katri Naukkarinen.



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